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Friday 15th May

Good morning everyone!


I hope you have all had a good week!


It's lovely to see your topic on the Romans has been inspiring so many of you. I've just been looking at some of the pictures you have been sending in for Wrigley Writes - what amazing shields Maisie and Ellsie! Ellsie has been finding out about Roman coins too! This week Thomas sent Mrs Dandy and I a picture of an amazing mosaic he had made out of pasta, beans and lentils. It was perfectly symmetrical! Do feel free to send pictures of anything you have done and are proud of to the office email address - us teachers love seeing what you're getting up to!


Did you know that today is International Family Day? It's a day for everyone around the globe to celebrate the importance of family. It seems especially relevant this year when we're at home spending so much time with some members of our family but perhaps unable to see other members of our family who live in different houses.


Instead of a topic activity I have put a link to a family tree for you to complete - you might need to speak to your parents to find out about their parents and grandparents so you can include them on your tree. See how much you can find out about your great-grandparents. Some of you may be lucky enough to have one or more great-grandparents you can speak to. You can always add any information you find out about family members' names, jobs and where they grew up to your tree.

Finally, take a moment today to say thank you to your family for being there for you - I know they will appreciate it!


Enjoy your weekends! I'll be back in touch next week!

Love Mrs McK xxx