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Thursday 9th April

Hello Year 3!


A little late this morning - I've only just realised it's Thursday and my day to take over from Mrs Dandy! I'm completely losing track of the days this week!


I've just been out in the garden filming Frog Blog - Episode 5 with Toby and Jasper. There's a very exciting guest appearance from an amphibian. It's not a frog or newt so what do you think it might be? I'll get the video loaded onto You Tube later today so have a look to find out!


It's such a beautiful day today and the garden is looking so spring like.  What signs of spring have you been noticing? We spent some time yesterday watching a bird box in our garden that a pair of blue tits are building a nest in. The mum and dad blue tits were very busy going in and out of the little hole in the front of the box carrying materials to make it cosy in there for their eggs. We kept a good distance away and kept watch through our binoculars as we didn't want to disturb them. 


The boys and I have also been getting the vegetable patches ready for planting. We've taken the weeds and stones out of the ground and dug and raked the soil over to break it up. This year we have planted sweetcorn, runner beans, broad beans, beetroots, courgettes and pumpkins. I'm also going to try carrots again but, to date, I have NEVER grown a carrot successfully! Maybe this will be the year for a glorious crop of carrots - I'll keep you updated!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

The science topic we were going to move onto now we've finished 'Rocks' was 'Plants'. This time of year is great for watching things grow. See if you can find any new shoots or plants emerging in your garden and check them each day to see how they change. If you have any seeds at home, you could plant them and keep a record of how they grow.


Hope you manage to get out and enjoy a bit of sunshine today - a short walk or a play in the garden definitely does the world of good!


Be good! Mrs McKenzie xxx