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Friday 03rd April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all feeling today?  Did you join in with 'Clap for Carers' again last night?  It's such a great way for us to show the amazing people who are helping our country keep running smoothly just how much we appreciate them.  From everyone at St James and St John School, a massive...


heart Thank  You heart

How did you get on with the 'Who am I?' quiz yesterday?  Here are the answers in case you are stuck on any of the clues...


I'm keeping myself busy completing a jigsaw at home.  Who am I?.........I'm Mrs Dandy


I'm great at setting a riddle a day.  Who am I?......I'm Miss Richardson


I've been playing football in the garden with my daughter.  Who am I?.....I'm Mr Davidson


I've been reading stories from Bongo, my campervan.  Who am I.....I'm Mrs Andrews


I've been baking, walking my dog and playing quizzes online with my family.  Who am I?.....I'm Mrs Pedder


I've been busy with 'Couch to 5K'.  Who am I?.....I'm Mrs Sheldon


I'm going to bake gingerbread to fill up the biscuit tin.  Who am I?.....I'm Mrs Smith


I've been enjoying walking and spotting signs of Spring.  Who am I?.....I'm Mrs Clarke


I've been busy pond dipping, vlogging and might Sellotape my children to their chairs!  Who am I?.....I'm Mrs McKenzie


I've been playing scrabble and helping a very special bear with Joe WIcks workouts.  Who am I?.....I'm Mrs Kerins


I've been recording AMAZING videos for YouTube. Who am I?.....I'm Mrs Harper


I've been enjoying playing in dens in the wood with my daughter and our dog.  Who am I?.....I'm Mrs Chapman

So, we're reached the last Friday of this term...and what a term it's been!  It seems so long ago that we all returned to school after the Christmas holidays full of all our excitement and news.  I'm sure you are now all excited for the Easter holidays and a little rest from all of that learning you've been doing at home.


We have lots of plans to keep us busy here.  The boys have found all the parts of one of the old games they used to enjoy playing on their Playstations.  It's called Skylanders and they used to LOVE to play it when they were younger.  They're looking forward to setting that up at the weekend and starting it all over again.  It brought back lots of happy memories to see all the old figures again...until I stepped on one - ouch!


Mr Wrigley and I are going to carry on jet washing the patio and tidying the garden.  I'm not very keen to be honest as it was chilly last weekend!  He tells me that it's going to be nice and warm though this weekend smiley, I hope so!  I'm also going to have a go at making some bird feeders for the garden.  Mrs McKenzie would be very proud.


We going to go on a virtual tour of a museum, a zoo and an aquarium as these are all places we would normally visit in the holidays.  I'm going to challenge the boys and Mr Wrigley to a Lego building contest too.  I saw a post on the internet about making a Lego figure zip line so I think we might have a competition to see who can make the longest and fastest one.  I'll let you know how we get on.


There'll be more online quizzes with our families and friends too and I'll be phoning my Dad in Dorset every day to make sure he's OK.   We have a movie day planned, lots of board games to play, Roger to look after, some Easter craft to get stuck in to, lots of decorating and tidying to do around the house, a new book to read together, some cakes to make (uh-oh, I'm very, very bad at baking!), and maybe even some Easter Eggs to enjoy too!


I hope you have some lovely things planned.  Be kind to each other and please be good for your parents.  Enjoy your holiday and use the extra time you have to try something new.  Maybe even just sit and relax outside and listen to the birds singing.  Let me know what you're up to - I'll keep Wrigley Writes going through the holiday so you know what we're up to here.


Have a really wonderful Easter everyone and take care.


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart