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Welcome to Foundation Stage!

We are very excited to welcome you to Foundation Stage here at St James and St John and are looking forward to sharing the year ahead with you.  We know that you may be feeling a little unsure about what to expect so here are just a few of the things that we will be exploring together......painting, laughing, jumping, running, reading, exploring numbers, climbing, sharing, creating, mud mixing, bead threading, celebrating your achievements and much, much more!


We will spend the first term getting to know each other, making friends and learning about our daily routine in the classroom.  We have lots of fun activities planned for you, lots of people ready to help you and we cant wait to get to know you.



Our First Week

It was lovely to see all your smiling faces this week. Didn't we have a busy week? Here are a few pictures of all the fun we've had. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday.



14th - 18th September 2020

Wow what a busy week! We are so very proud of every single one of the children, they have settled in so well and are always so happy and we know lots of new friends have been made already.


In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds m, a, s, d, and t. The children are all very excited to see where Fred Frog is hiding before we start our learning. This week he has jumped all around the classroom even ending up in the book corner tree on Friday. I wonder where he will be next week? As well as learning to say the sound we have been having a go at forming the corresponding letter. If you wonder why your children are coming home and reciting rhymes such as Down Maisie, mountain, mountain and Slither down the snake they are just practicing the skill of letter formation. Have a look at the Read Write Inc. website to find out more. Later on in the term we will be holding a Zoom meeting regarding phonics so look out for your invitation which will be sent via parent mail.


Our mathematics learning this week has all been about matching we have looked at Noahs Ark, paired socks, matched items by colour and pattern and have even seen who in our class is the same height.


You may have seen on the school Facebook page the children's beautiful self portraits. The backgrounds that the children's  pictures are displayed on is also their own creation, made by sprinkling and mixing powder paint on paper they had brushed with water. Miss Richardson looked as if she had been sprinkled with powder paint by the end of the activity but she didn't mind she loved it. laugh


Throughout the day we are encouraging the children to become more independent such as blowing their own noses, taking off their shoes and putting on their wellies so they can go on the grass and then changing back into their shoes when they have finished. Please could we ask that this is supported at home with things like putting on coats and fastening shoes and as the weather gets colder putting on gloves. We really do appreciate it as it means we can get on with playing to learn instead of doing up 22 coats and putting on 22 pairs of gloves.


We look forward to seeing everyone next week. Have a great weekend.


Mrs Kerins, Mrs Andrews and Miss Richardson


Wednesday 30th September 2020

It has been so nice to have the children in school full time this week. They have all been superstars! They are always smiling and willing to try all the activities. We are progressing well with our phonics and in mathematics we have been comparing, looking at groups and saying which have less or more. Today we have been sequencing events in the story The Enormous Turnip and planting lots of flowers which will make the outdoor area look even more fabulous. We even had time for an after lunch boogie to “Reach for the Stars” .

Well done to all the children for all their efforts so far this week.



Monday 19th October 2020


Today we have been out on the school field talking about and looking for signs of Autumn.

The children have had lots of fun collecting leaves and looking at all the different colours on the trees around the school grounds.

Please have a look at the newsletter from the Early Years Team at Bucks County Council below which has fantastic ideas for activities you may like to try at home with an Autumn theme.

Wednesday 4th November 2020

We have been learning about Remembrance Day this week and have made some beautiful Poppy suncatchers. They look amazing when the sun shines through the classroom windows in the afternoon. The children have also been using their fine motor skills to place stickers onto outlines both of these activities take lots patience and precision so they should all be proud of the results.


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Christmas in Foundation Stage

Christmas Activities

Foundation Stage January 2021

Mrs Kerins reads A Superhero Like You by Dr Ranj

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