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Today, it's time to edit and improve your wishing tale - just as we would do if we were writing in class! I suggest that you firstly read your wishing tale aloud so that you can hear where you may have missed punctuation, or identify sentences that don't make sense. Make notes and edits on your draft as you go.
On the first page of our Year 5 home learning under English resources, I have uploaded some writing mats for you so that you can check your work includes the elements I would expect. It's uploaded for you again below if you can't find it. Check your punctuation against the list to make sure it is accurate, and see if you have included any of the other elements mentioned. If not, can you edit your work to include each of these?

Hint: Use a different coloured pen if you find this easier!


Finding this too challenging?

Take a look at the "Mission Possible" booklet and today it's time to start creating and planning your story - beginning on page twenty-eight. Begin by looking at the structure of Mission Possible. You can choose to plan your own story on the story road on page 30, or if you prefer you could draw a table out similar to the one on page twenty-eight. If you're stuck for ideas, there are some suggestions on page thirty-one.

If you have time, there are some fun activities on pages twenty-six and twenty-seven. You may like to save these for another day though!


Both of these too challenging?

Have a look at the "Journey to the Jungle!" booklet and today it's time to write your instructions! Use your plan from yesterday and write a draft of your instructions. If you get time, you could read back your instructions aloud to check they make sense, or this can be your task for tomorrow.

Writing Mats

Other Activities:

1. Read to a grown up or a sibling - you might choose to call a loved one and share a book with them.

2. Complete your daily diary.

3. Complete one column of your "Practise Your Spellings" sheet - found under the spelling tab.