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This week's English work is a series of lessons called "Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah" by Maria Richards. You will find a link to the booklet below, however I will split the activities up for you to work on across the week. You may, of course, work through the activities at your own pace.

If you are unable to access any of the video/audio links, they are not essential to the completion of the tasks.

For today's task, you will be doing some text/word work and you will find this on p4-11.

There is a typo in the text on page 6 instead of saying "juveniles are born completely bold" the correct word to use in this context is bald.

Finding this too challenging?

Take a look at the "Amazing Aliens" booklet below by Maria Richards and complete the word work up to the top of p.6 of the booklet and the "what do the words mean?" activity. Then complete the reading quiz on p.6.


Both of these too challenging?

Have a look at the "The Stone Trolls" booklet below and do some word work up to p7. and what you thought about the story on p8.

Other Activities:

1. Read to a grown up or a sibling - you might choose to call a loved one and share a book with them.

2. Complete your daily diary.

3. Complete one column of your "Practise Your Spellings" sheet - found under the spelling tab.