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I hope you've been enjoying the work on trolls this week. The activities here today can be done over the next two days so get started today and finish off whatever you don't get done tomorrow.


As troll experts, you are going to be writing an information text on trolls!




  • Your first job is to plan your text by deciding how you are going to orgainse your writing for your reader. 
  • Use pages 14 and 15 of 'The Truth about Trolls' booklet to plan what sections you want to include in your text and think about what information you will write in each section. You don't need to worry about full sentences - notes that can act as a reminder will be fine.




  • Decide what format you want your information to be in. You might want to do a poster, an information leaflet or a fact file. It's up to you. I've added some links to templates for an information leaflet and a fact file which you can use if you choose to.
  • Write your information on trolls in your chosen format. Use the 'Challenges' on p16 of 'The Truth about Trolls' to help you write a brilliant piece of text!




  • Now read trough your work to check it makes sense.
  • Check your spellings and punctuation.
  • Add pictures and diagrams to help illustrate your information.