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Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Dear Parents,
With the return to school imminent for all pupils, it is important for us all to remember that children are extremely resilient to change and adapt beyond our expectations.  However, that aside, there will be some who find the period tricky, albeit on a short term basis.
Mrs Harper and I have put together a selection of resources you may wish to refer to during the summer holiday period, or as we approach the start of term, or even after children have started back and may be finding transition unsettling.
Please be reassured that all adults in the settings will be carefully monitoring the children and allowing them time to adapt to being back at school after an extended period.
These resources come from a wide range of sources and you will undoubtedly find some more useful than others - how one child responds towards them, will obviously be different to the next child.
We hope you have a fun, relaxing summer, without the added need to accomodate home learning.  Please don't underestimate the power of nature, exercise and that mindfulness of being outside - let's hope the weather continues to be kind.
Kind regards
Mrs Andrews and Mrs Harper