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Today, I thought you might enjoy trying an online coding programme called  LightBot .



Code is the term we use to describe giving instructions to a computer. To get the computer to do something correctly, we have to give the instructions in the correct order.


In the game today, you need to tell the LightBot character to turn his light on on the blue squares. To get to the blue squares, you will also need to give LightBot instructions for moving around. 


Start the game at Basic Level 1 which will demonstrate how to give LightBot instructions.

You can then try moving through the levels which get harder as you go on!


Here are some tips for playing:

  • If you want to remove something from the instruction box, then just drag it outside the box.
  • You can drag items around in the instruction box to reorder them.
  • You can click on the green 'Play' button on the screen at any point to get LightBot to walk through the instructions in the box - you don't need to have completed the set of instructions. It can be really useful to help you decide which instruction you need to give next if you're stuck!
  • Click on the Question Mark in the corner for tips of you're not sure what to do.


 Before you open the link, it is really important that you check with your

 parents that they are happy for you to access this game...