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Co-Opted Governor - Mrs Sandra Cosby

Sandra Cosby, Co-Opted Governor


I'm a new member of the Governing Body, still finding my way. As part of the Buckingham Benefice Ministry Team I have the privilege of coming into Chackmore School every week when I assist one of our Vicars at the school assembly.

I want to give back something of what learning and experience has given me throughout my live. I come from a background where education mattered, not just book learning but the learning from life experiences that all go together to make us caring, compassionate members of society. The Mission Statement and the Ethos of our schools say it all.


  • Date of Appointment - March 2016
  • Term of Office - 4 Years
  • LA Appointed
  • No Pecuniary Interests
  • No other governance roles in educational institutions
  • No material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff
  • Committees: Curriculum, Foundation, Health and Safety, Strategic Working Group, Child Protection
  • Attendance last year: Governing Body Meetings: 3/3