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In science last week, you sorted different foods from plants into groups to show which part of the plant they came from. How did you get on?


We learnt that the part of the plant that contains the seeds is called the fruit. Today I thought you could do some art focussing on the seeds inside fruit. 


Often when we cut open a piece of fruit, the patterns inside made by the seeds are very pretty. Many artists have used the colours and patterns inside different fruits to inspire their artworks. 

Picture 1 Pepper drawn in ink
Picture 2 Kiwi fruit drawn with oil pastels
Picture 3 Lemons painted with oils paints
Picture 4 Coloured pencil drawing of a peach
Picture 5 Pencil sketches of different fruit
Picture 6 Tomato painted with acrylic paints
Picture 7 Collage of a watermelon
Picture 8 Avocado painted in watercolours

Ask an adult if you can use a piece of fruit from home and get them to help you cut it so you can see the seeds inside.


You can choose to create your picture in whatever way you like. You may want to do a detailed pencil sketch, a collage or use paints if you have some at home. 


Don't forget, you can always send a picture of your finished piece of artwork to the office for Mrs Dandy and I to see. We love to know how you've been getting on with activities.


Have fun creating!