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Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Statement - Spring Term 2019

Welcome to Year 5

A big welcome to all Year 5 pupils and families.  We hope you have had a good holiday and are now ready for a hard-working, but fun, Year 5!!!

I am very much looking forward to teaching you this year, along with Mrs Dandy and, of course, supported by Mrs Jolley.

This is how the timetable for this term will look:


Monday: Miss Rowe all day

Tuesday: Miss Rowe and Mrs Dandy(morning)     Miss Rowe (afternoon)

Wednesday: Miss Rowe (morning)      Mrs Dandy (afternoon)

Thursday: Miss Rowe and Mrs Dandy(morning)   Mrs Plummer/Sports Coach (afternoon)

Friday:  Miss Rowe all day



Thursday 4th October is National Poetry Day - don't forget to learn a poem ready to recite in your English lesson


Please see below for our Curriculum Statements for this term:

Curriculum Statements for Year 5: Autumn Term 2018




This term, we will explore recounts, discussing the purpose, style and content of a range of texts.  The children will identify the main features of recounts, comparing more formal texts with articles in newspapers and magazines, and will write their own.  We will study classic poetry by investigating the poems of Lewis Carroll and Hilaire Belloc.  This study will provide the opportunity to hear, read and respond to poetic styles, explore their different features and the deeper meaning of the language used within them. Our fiction work this term will be based around the book Goth Girl by Chris Ridell.  We will study how writers develop characters and settings, and also how a plot builds.  We will then use this to help us to write an extra chapter for the book, maintaining a similar style as much as possible.  This study will also focus on grammar work such as relative clauses and use of adverbs.



This term we will revise place value by reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers to at least 1 000 000, counting forwards and backwards in powers of 10 up to this number, rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing using up to 5-digit numbers, including multi-step problem solving. We will use negative numbers and will learn to read Roman numerals up to 1 000 (M) and recognise years written in Roman numerals.

We will work hard on securing our knowledge of multiplication tables and associated division facts, learning to identify multiples and factors.  We will use short multiplication and division and we will revise multiplying and dividing whole numbers by 10, 100, 1 000. We will work on using the vocabulary of prime numbers, and prime factors, and recognise and use square numbers and cube numbers and the notation for squared ² and cubed ³.

In geometry we will measure and calculate the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes in cm and m. We will also calculate and compare the area of rectangles (including squares) using standard units, cm² and m².  In addition to this, we will estimate the area of irregular shapes. We will use all four operations to solve problems involving measure using decimal notation.

In statistics, we will solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in a line graph, and we will complete, read and interpret information in tables, including tables.

Throughout our maths topics we will further develop our mental maths and problem solving and reasoning skills.



For the first half term, the children will investigate the concept of light travelling in straight lines. We will look at how light travels to enable the children to understand how we see things. This understanding will then be applied to shadow and reflection. The topic then looks at coloured light and rainbows using scientific skills to raise and answer questions.

For the second half of the term, the focus will be on electricity. Building on the children’s work in Year 4 it looks at the scientific use of symbols in a circuit as well as considering the effect in more detail of changing components in a circuit.



In Computing the children will continue to look at computer programming and coding through the programme ‘Scratch’ (this is available as a free download, if you wish to look at it at home). The children will learn to programme a sequence of instructions, moving towards creating a simple game.   



As historians we will focus on developing a range of skills to help us understand the past and how these events shape the present. We will look at events from different perspectives and evaluate different primary and secondary source materials. In recognition of the centenary of World War One our focus will be on the events leading up to the war and looking at the impact it had on individuals, nations and indeed the entire modern world.



In the first half term we will be exploring rhythm and pulse through cyclic patterns using music from other cultures. In the second half term we will be exploring rounds as well as preparing for Harvest and Christmas celebrations.



For the first half of the term, the children will be focusing on the unit of the ‘World of Sport, Dance’.  During the second half of this term, the children will be focusing on Gymnastics, using apparatus and floor work to reinforce and further develop sequences alone, in pairs or small groups.  We will link both these units to some art on movement, to explore how the body forms such shapes, movements and the flowing connections between the two. 



The initial focus will be on sketching skills. We will look at light and shade and creating tone and texture in the objects we draw. We will then use these skills in the next part of our unit, where the children will be exploring ideas about movement and how these can be represented through a variety of media, e.g. photography, video, digital media, as well as 3D forms such as clay.  The children will be studying how famous artists have represented movement in their work.



This term, pupils will follow a topic called Sacred Texts and Religious Beliefs.  They will have the opportunity to research, contemplate, discuss and debate the importance of sacred texts within several formal religions.  They will find out more about how religious beliefs are expressed.  Pupils will have a visit from a member of the local church community who will share the value of a sacred text to their religious belief.  Later in the term, pupils will discuss the Big Question: ‘Does God communicate with man?’  They will consider prophecy, revelation and incarnation.  They will study prophecies from the Bible about the coming of Jesus at Christmas.




We will learn the names of some countries in French and look at other countries where French is spoken.  We will talk about the area in which we live and write a brief description. 



Pupils will be given spellings and multiplication tables to learn each week.  In addition, they will be given a piece of homework at the beginning of the week, one at the end of the week and sometimes a third piece.  Sometimes this will need to be done for the following day, at other times it may be a longer piece of work, such as research, in which case pupils will be given an appropriate amount of time to complete the task.  It is expected that children will continue to undertake personal reading and we would hope that they will try to expand and vary their reading matter in preparation for Year 6.  They may also be given computer related tasks to do as part of their homework which may require access to the internet.  Please inform us if this poses a problem.  Homework tasks will be recorded in their homework book to remind them and to inform parents of what has been set and when it is due in.


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For a short time only, I will leave last year's Year 5 activities on this page (see below) just so that you can see some of the opportunities those pupils had in.  Some of these might be repeated this year, and there will no doubt be some new ones!!!



22nd June 2018 - A big thank you to Miss Wellington for organising our science week.   

In Year 5 we welcomed Mrs Bristow on Monday and learnt about MRI scanning and the brain.  We even got to see a mouse and a rat's brain!  In an amazing experiment in the afternoon we found out about our own DNA.

On Wednesday we learnt survival skills with Mrs McKenzie in a Forest School session, then lit fires .......on the school field!!!

On Friday we visited Stowe and had a whole morning of robotics in the science department.  We had ipads linked to robots and we had to programme the robots to move around a track and then to race each other.  The end was fun when we played our own 'robot wars'.





23rd May 2018 - What a great morning we had at the Royal Latin Science Fair. 

Here are some photographs of the Year 5 scientists at work:







23rd April 2018 -     It was hard work today for the cyclists in the Go-Ride Cycling Festival.     Well done to those of you who took part - I hope your legs aren't too sore tomorrow!

17th April 2018 - Congratulations to the boys who went to the multi-skills festival at Buckingham School to take part in a range of activities: table tennis, tag games, badminton, trampolining, bowling and even zumba!  They all did really well and had a great time.  Here are some action shots.....!




16th March 2018 - Visit to Foundation Stage 

We had another good morning with our Foundation Stage partners.  They were very pleased to see us and seemed quite sad when we left!

Mrs Andrews had organised some fun activities such as making Easter cards and bunnies, and of course the dreaded SLIME - supervised by..............Mrs Dandy!

It was great at the end of the morning to hear you all comment on the development you had noticed in your partners - improved reading skills, better scissor control and greater confidence.







7th March 2018 - Boy's dodgeball 

Well done to the Y5 & 6 boys who took part in the dodgeball competition today.  An excellent performance getting into the semi-finals and narrowly missing out on a place in the final round.  Your determination and enthusiasm was great to see; I'm just glad I wasn't on the receiving end of any of your throws!!!




1st March 2018 - World Book Day

A great day today for World Book Day.  It was good to see all the costumes of your favourite book characters.  I hope all the face paint, hair dye etc comes off without too much scrubbing.  Thank you for bringing in books for the Book Swap, which again was a big success.  Thanks to Mrs Jolley and Mrs Hawkes for setting it all up.  I hope you all enjoyed our drama workshop.  I thought it was great fun and it really helped us to further understand the story of Romeo and Juliet which we had already studied earlier in the week.





  6th February 2018   

Go Ride!

Today Years 5 & 6 got very muddy doing cycle training on the field as part of Go Ride.  It was really hard work, but lots of fun, even in the cold!  Watch the PE notice board in school for details of holiday courses run by Go Ride that you might be interested in doing.



If anyone is interested in courses held by British Cycling during February half term, please follow these links provided to us by Catherine who ran the Go Ride sessions in school:



Today Year 5 visited Buckingham University.  We did three activities: a scavenger hunt around the campus, a computing activity and a business challenge.  We had a great time!





We are going to have a good year - you are Upper Key Stage 2 now so you will have more responsibility and more challenges to face.  I'm sure you are all ready!!!

We have some interesting topics to study and some exciting activities to do.  Please see the Curriculum Statements for this term below.


Great Christmas jumpers today, Year 5!  What a festive bunch we looked.

Here's a picture of Santa with two helpers!!!





What a great morning we had today at Akeley enjoying shared activities with the Foundation Stage pupils.  You were all great role models helping and supporting the younger children, especially when you heard them read.  Well done!  We will certainly do it again.









Tuesday, 14th November is our Viking Day at Stowe.  Please wear warm clothes (waterproof coat) and comfortable shoes for lots of walking.  Remember to bring your packed lunch and drinks for the day.

Well done in our Remembrance Assembly today.  You had all written very movin prayers and those of you who read them out did so beautifully.


A big well done to everyone for sewing your 'curves from straight lines' today.  You showed great independence and perseverance in working through this difficult task.smiley no



Summer Term 2018 Curriculum Statements

The Meet & Greet for Year 5 parents is on Tuesday 19th September at 2.45pm. It will be lovely to see you, but don't worry if you can't make it as I have put a brief outline of what is going to be said below.


Don't forget that Wednesdays are spelling test and tables test day cool You will be given spellings and tables each Wednesday to learn ready for the next Wednesday.


Homework for Wednesday 15th November - putting the correct word into sentences.  Use a dictionary for word meanings if needed.