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Summer Term 2018


WOW! It is almost the end to an amazing school year! 

It has been a joy to watch you all grow in confidence this year and I have enjoyed having you in my class!



Note sent home in book bags 16/7/18:


Dear Year 4 parents,


This week, children will be sent home with their exercise books from last year, and their books from the current year. It would help your child greatly if you were to provide them with a strong carrier bag to transport their books home in. Please note that not ALL books will sent home as some need to be retained in school, but, they will be returned in due course.  


On Wednesday, children will be given the opportunity to take home their sunflower which they planted as part of our science topic on plants. The sunflowers will now need to be potted either into a larger pot or planted in the ground. They should be ok to carry home as they are, but you may want to provide your child with a bag.

This week children will be expected to clear everything out of their drawers so again, may need a bag to carry this home in.


PE kit, including trainers, needs to remain in school this week however, it will be sent home on Thursday for children to arrive wearing it for sports day on Friday 20th July.


Thank you all for your support this year. I hope that you all have a wonderful summer break.

Miss Wellington





I will try and update this website regularly with spellings, homework and important information. 


Spellings will be handed out on a Friday, to be tested the following Friday. Multiplication marathon will also be tested on Fridays.

Homework will be handed out on Monday and we will go through it as a class the following Monday, so homework books will need to be in then!

Please make sure that full PE kit is in school at all times including plimsolls for indoor PE and trainers for outdoor PE, the around the world run and break- time. You can now also bring wellington boots into school so you can still enjoy the field when it is wet. Just make sue that both wellies are clearly labelled!


If you are able, could you provide your child with an old shirt or t-shirt, clearly named, which can be used as an overall for art. These can be kept on children's pegs. 

Thank you!

Miss Wellington