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Year 3

Dear Year 3,


We have made a good start to our Roman soldiers, but the battle is a bit one -sided at the moment, so we must get those finished! Your research on the Roman Gods was amazing! The quality of work was very high!


Spellings test as ever on Monday and you will have a general times tables test next week, covering the 2,3,4,6 and 8 times tables!


I do hope you enjoy the weekend and the Royal Wedding celebrations!heart


Mrs Sheldon

PS Robins be ready for Forest School on Monday!

Dear Year 3,


Thank you so much for all your fabulous Celtic warriors! They are now on the wall, poised for battle - as soon as we get our Romans ready too!

Your homework is to reasearch two Roman gods.Present the information bhowever you like! Maybe even a shape poem!

Spellings on Monday, x12 test on Friday and it's the turn of th Blue Tits for Forest School Monday, so don't forget your kit!

Have a great weekend!


Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 3,


Well done on another great week. At last the weather is letting us get out to do the run and we clocked up a very presentable 321 laps over the course of this term so far!


Your homework is to complete your Celtic warrior. Remember how we talked in terms of the earthy colours! If you need any extra colours, you could take from my special pot at the back of the classroom.


For our times tables, we will look at the x4 and x8 from the point of view of fractions. For example, 1/4 of 12.


It's a long weekend and the weather promises to be hot!


Mrs Sheldon

Miss Rowe

Thursday 3rd May 

We had a fantastic morning, learning some new skills on the skateboards. We were very supportive of each other, and ensured that our partners were confident on the skateboard before letting them go. Some of us conquered our fears, and I'm sure Year Three will all agree that it was lots of FUN! smiley

Many thanks to the PTFA!



Dear Year 3,


Our second week done and we've tackled short division with great enthusiasm! Well done!

Next week your times tables are the x9 and x 11. Again, we will be looking at them from the point of view of division and multiplication. 

Your homework is the comprehension, due in Monday. Spellings tests will again be done in the afternoon of Monday.

It's the turn of the Robins for Forest School so please don't forget your kit!

Happy weekend.

Mrs Sheldon

Miss Rowe



Miss Wellington has a top tip!


There are some interesting facts on this website if you want to get ahead on volcanoes.



Well done, you have all been very busy over half- term and produced some fantastic Volcanoes!




Friday 9th February


I hope you all have a fantastic half- term. Make sure that you make 2D or 3D volcano ready to show on the first Tuesday back. Also use this week to learn your song lyrics!


Mrs Sheldon smiley


Friday 2nd February 2018


Dear Year 3,

Well, we made a good start on our play, which we will be performing at the end of the Spring Term. If you have been given speaking parts so far, please take time to learn them. More speaking parts are yet to be given out!


Remember to do your spellings. There is a lot to learn this week, as you need to know the prefix rule too! Homework is to hunt down those capital letters on the sheet. Please can it be in for Monday 5th February. Your times table to learn is the x7.


As we go into our last week of this half term, we will be looking at telling the time, so see if you can ask an adult to test you every now and again!


Happy weekend


Mrs Sheldon

Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past

Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past 1
Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past 2
Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past 3
Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past 4
Look at our Advent Calendar at Stowe! A lot of hard work but really worth it! Well done everybody involved! A special thank you to Mrs Kayll for her vision!

Dear Year 3,

Well done on your 9 x tables and all your hard work learning how to do the grid method of multiplication! Next week we'll go back to looking at our x8 and x 4's again.


We will be starting to think about the Christian time of Advent next week also, as we prepare our class Advent calendar!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Sheldon


PS Your Homework is due in on Monday! You are thinking of an object and giving it human characteristics! Personification!


Welcome to Year 3


Dear year 3,

Sorry for the delay in updating the Year 3 page. Every Friday at least, I will update this page to keep you up to date with all you need to know!

Some information to help you with planning your week!


Class Routines

Spellings issued on a Monday and tested following Monday


Homework issued on a Wednesday and usually due in on the Friday same week, unless it is an extended piece of work and I will give you longer. Check your notes in the front of your Homework book!


Times table issued on a Friday and tested the following Friday


Hopefully this will help you remember!


This week the times table to learn will be the x8 table. Think how you can relate it to the x4 table!


I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. See you next week!


Mrs Sheldon