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Year 3

Nearly there Year 3! We've had such a good first term thank you! The Carol Concert was magical. I was so proud of you all!smiley

Have a lovely weekend, free of Homework or spellings!

Keep on the nice list!

Mrs Sheldon

Hello Year 3,

We have had another busy week! Well done on your times tables. We won't do another test this year now, but keep practicing them!

Hopefully you may find time to got up to Stowe toi see the fabulous Advent installation by KS2. It's well worth it!


Next week in Maths we will be looking at division. What other words could you come up with that mean divide?

Wrap up warm!

Mrs Sheldon

Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past

Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past 1
Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past 2
Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past 3
Stowe Landscape Gardens Advent Calendar - Christmas past 4
Look at our Advent Calendar at Stowe! A lot of hard work but really worth it! Well done everybody involved! A special thank you to Mrs Kayll for her vision!

Dear Year 3,

Well done on your 9 x tables and all your hard work learning how to do the grid method of multiplication! Next week we'll go back to looking at our x8 and x 4's again.


We will be starting to think about the Christian time of Advent next week also, as we prepare our class Advent calendar!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Sheldon


PS Your Homework is due in on Monday! You are thinking of an object and giving it human characteristics! Personification!

Dear Year 3,


Thank you for your hard work learning the 7 x table this week! That is a challenge as it doesn't have a 'friend', unlike say the x2's and x4's. This week you need to learn your x9, so we have a lot of times tables in our heads as we set off with using the grid method to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.


Your Homework this weekend is to fill in the form on your hobbies you do outside of school. Remember to plan what you are going to write and ask someone politely to check your spellings! Then write it up in your best hand-writing!


I hope I will see some of you at the school fayre tomorrow. I had my eye on some of the scrummy cakes you brought in today!


Happy weekend

Mrs Sheldon 

Dear Year 3,

Thank you for all your contributions to the Remembrance Service. The bigger questions, which were read out so beautifully, were the result of all your hard work, thinking like philosophers and looking beyond the surface issues of war.


This week, your times tables test will be on  the 7 times table. In maths next week, we will be starting multiplication, so our efforts in class will be on the x4 and x8's, along with doubling and halving. So, make sure you learn the 7's at home!


Have a happy Remembrance weekend and well done again.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear year 3 philosophers,

Well done on an amazing piece of work on Wednesday. Working collaboratively with year 4, we really started to think like philosophers and got to 'meet' some of the most famous Greek philosophers too!


No homework this weekend, but remember your spellings and also the x3 and x6 tables!


Happy Bonfire night and remember to keep safe!


Mrs Sheldonsmiley


Welcome to Year 3


Dear year 3,

Sorry for the delay in updating the Year 3 page. Every Friday at least, I will update this page to keep you up to date with all you need to know!

Some information to help you with planning your week!


Class Routines

Spellings issued on a Monday and tested following Monday


Homework issued on a Wednesday and usually due in on the Friday same week, unless it is an extended piece of work and I will give you longer. Check your notes in the front of your Homework book!


Times table issued on a Friday and tested the following Friday


Hopefully this will help you remember!


This week the times table to learn will be the x8 table. Think how you can relate it to the x4 table!


I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. See you next week!


Mrs Sheldon

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