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Year 3

Well done Year 3 for another busy week! Your Remembrance Letters were very moving and you all sung beautifully in assembly. Thank you for all your items for your homework.

If you can, please bring in a soil sample so that we can alanalyse soil from your garden in our Science Lesson next week. (Carefully contained in a sealed plastic bag)

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the Christmas Fayre. frown



Dear year 3,


At the end of the week, we welcome back our year 6 friends from Manor Adventure! We hope you've had a great time and we look forward to hearing all about it!


This weekend's homework is to gather some items, or pictures of items which make you 'you'! Imagine digging them up thousands of years from now. What would it tell the people of the future about you?


Don't forget to learn your spellings too.


Happy weekend.

Mrs Sheldon


PS Let's keep an eye on this possible dragon sighting next week..........frown 


Welcome Back after half-term!surprise



Dear Year 3,

Welcome back from your holiday! I hope you all had a lovely break. I imagine some of you may be going to fireworks displays so enjoy and keep safe!

Your homework was firework related and you need to know your times tables! See also if you can show someone at home how we've been doing column subtraction.

Happy weekend!

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 3,

I told you all at the end of today how really proud I am of you all! So many of you are now understanding how Year 3 works and rising to the challenge!


Today, for example in History, so many of you were able to put yourselves into the life of a Stone Age child, thinking about the homes they may have lived in and how their lives might have been.


Next week, we will have a go at modelling the settlement of Star Carr in Yorkshire!


Your homework should already be in, but if it isn't, it's the conjunctions sheet.


Badgers! You're off to the forest on Monday!

Happy weekend

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 3,


Well done on another busy week! We have done a lot of work on mental addition ready for moving to written methods next week.

Your homework is to do the comprehension on the poem, as it has been National Poetry day!


Your spellings will be tested tomorrow too!


Have a good weekend.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear year 3,


Another week done nearly! Don't forget your spellings and times tables will be tested tomorrow!

Your homework is also due in tomorrow. It was to research India in order to gives us some great descriptive words for your story next week.

It's Forest School for the Badgers next Monday so be in your kit!

Have a great weekend. Next week we will be moving on to mental addition and subtraction!

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 3,

This week we have really got place value nailed! Well done. Keep remembering the HTO grid at all times though, as next week we go into doing addition in our heads!

Your homework task was to complete the place value sheet you put in your books on Wednesday. It's due in tomorrow (Friday 21st September) so do it tonight if you haven't yet!

You will also have your spellings test tomorrow with Mrs Dandy.

All Forest School letters should also be returned tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Sheldon

Hello Year 3!

Well, we've had a great week, lots of learning and settiling in to your new life here at the Chackmore site.

You have your first piece of Homework too! You need to complete the Hobbies/Interests sheet, so we can share them with each other! What is it that you love doing? Did someone else inspire you?


We will continue our work on place value next week. Show mum or dad or siblings a place value chart and test their knowledge!

Mrs Dandy will issue the first set of spellings and you times table to learn on Friday 14 th September, so lots to keep you busy!

Happy weekend.

Mrs Sheldon


You are now entering the next stage of you primary schooling. It's an exciting change, full of fun but challenging too!

This page is hopefully where you will find all the information you need! I will write weekly letters to you to let you know what the homework is and to remind you of any important dates! For your mums and dads, it's also a page they can use to see what we've been up to in class! 

Welcome to Year 3!

I hope you had a happy holiday and look forward to a fun learning year ahead!