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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday and I look forward to seeing your diaries for the holidays. Please bring them into school for the first day back. Please make sure you bring in your PE Kit into school too.

We have lots of fun and hard work to look forward too.

Miss Lambert

Library books have been given to every child and they can be exchanged on Wednesdays so remember to have them in the book bag that day. Spellings will come home during each week to practise before the test on a Wednesday morning at 9am. PE will continue on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so please have indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.


Here is a useful link to help your children with spelling. It has all the different spelling patterns with a wide range of example words. It also has lots of different games the children can play to help them learn the patterns.

Have a go with this game with your children when practising spellings at home. All you need is a dice 1-6. Roll the dice and match to the number and then practise your word that way.

1 Write the word with your eyes closed.
2 Spell the words aloud, backwards.
3 Write the words with your ‘opposite’  hand.
4 Write the word using bubble writing.
5 Write the word in the air with finger.
6 Write the word in 3 different colours.



What an amazing day we had yesterday at the Science Fair. I'm sure the children came home and told you all the cool things we got up to yesterday. Have a look down below at the pictures to see some of thing we did.

Science Fair tomorrow, please drive in at Catchpin Street and exit at Weaver street.
Many thanks

Miss Lambert

Dear Year 2 Parents,

Tomorrow is our Science Fair trip to Lace Hill Primary school. Please arrive at Lace Hill for 9:00 am. Mrs Goodyear and I will be in the school reception to meet you on arrival.

Please could I remind you to bring a packed lunch, water bottle, inhaler ( if required), fruit shoot lid, an old CD and bag for your child to carry the creations. The children should come in school uniform for this trip.  
The day finishes earlier than normal and children will need to be collected at 2:40 from Lace Hill Primary school.  If your child goes  to afterschool club transport has been arranged to take them to afterschool club at Chackmore.

Many thanks
Miss Lambert

All Year 2 parents are welcome to come the meeting on Thursday 22nd September about Phonics, learning to read and cursive handwriting. Although the children have done their phonics screening, it will be useful for you all to see the cursive handwriting part.

A big thank you to all the parents who joined me on Wednesday 14th September. It was lovely to meet you all and we had lots to discuss about the up coming year.
I had recommend a book for you all to buy to help with Grammar.The book was called 'Oxford school, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar dictionary.' This book will be great for helping your child with some of their homework.

Science Fair

Science Fair 1
Science Fair 2
Science Fair 3 Mrs Healthy and Mr Unhealthy
Science Fair 4
Science Fair 5
Science Fair 6
Science Fair 7
Science Fair 8
Science Fair 9
Science Fair 10
Science Fair 11
Science Fair 12
Science Fair 13
Science Fair 14
Science Fair 15
Science Fair 16
Science Fair 17
Science Fair 18
Science Fair 19
Science Fair 20
Science Fair 21
Science Fair 22
Science Fair 23
Science Fair 24
Science Fair 25
Science Fair 26
Science Fair 27
Science Fair 28