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Some useful notes for parents...

For parents – notes on life in Year 6

I hope everyone had a good summer break. I just wanted to put down on paper a few ‘bits and bobs’ that might be useful in understanding how Year 6 will work.


As per last year, Mrs Hunwicks will be taking the class every Monday; Mr Davidson will be with them for the rest of the week. PE & Music will be taught by Adam and Mrs Plummer, repsectively.
Seating arrangements
I know (from a parental perspective) that who your child is sitting next to can be of the upmost significance in their world (and the first thing they mention at tea time after the first day of school!) I’m sure, as adults, we can even recall seating arrangements from our own schooling that have stuck with us over the years for one reason or another!
Anyway, the children will be grouped in (loose) ability groups for both English and Maths. This is so that they can receive the appropriate level of support and challenge during the course of the lessons. However, these tables don’t simply translate into ‘Top’ and ‘Bottom’ tables! I know children often perceive them to be like this and that sometimes it can cause them real anxiety if they think they are not on the table where they think they should be (or where they think they were last year!) The tables are very fluid and children will change places regularly. Also, children will have the opportunity to access all of the work available, so being on a specific table doesn’t mean they can’t work on the same challenge as someone in a different group!
In short, don’t worry! We regularly monitor progress (actually, we do it all the time!) and your child won’t miss out through seating arrangements!
In Topic time (usually in the afternoons), the children will sit in random groups, giving them a chance to mix and share learning with other class members.
Homework will be due in weekly on:
This will need to be ticked off as handed in or marked ‘L’ for Late or ‘M’ for Missing. Mr Davidson will address persistent non-completion of homework – I’ll try and grab a word with parents in the playground or drop a note home.
Of course, there are always times when doing homework on a certain night is impossible – due to sport or clubs, just let me know and we can work something out!

I am occasionally asked about the rationale behind the list of words handed out each week for spellings. The words are selected from a list derived from The National Literary Strategy. They usually look at patterns or rules within groups of words (e.g. ie or silent letters like kn). You should be able to identify the pattern/rule for each set of spellings handed out. Weekly spellings also, occaionally, include relevant topic words.
Handed out on Monday, tested the following Monday morning.
Results to be recorded weekly. The words are taken from the list of words from the new curriculum suitable for Years 5 & 6.
Results to be recorded weekly. Mr Davidson will advise pupils of re-tests the following day at break/lunch.

Tested every Monday morning, results will be peer marked and recorded weekly. During the peer marking process we will spend time explaining answers and examining what strategies we used to get them right!
I hope this all makes sense. Any questions feel free to catch me after school. I look forward to a successful and enjoyable Year 6, it’s a fantastic year and one the children should really enjoy.
Kind regards,
Mr Davidson & Mrs Hunwicks