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What a fabulous morning with Year 5!  It was their turn to entertain us and this time, the theme was Summer Sports.  We took part in a carousel of activities designed by Year 5, but also had a tour of the other site and participated in a Celebration assembly where we also got to listen to some of the songs from the end of term production.  This was perfect timing for us being prepared for Sports Day at Chackmore next week.

Thank you Year 5 for being utterly brilliant with your Buddies again!

We hope to continue similar arrangements next year.





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Year 5 visited us again today and the relationships between Year 5 and their EYFS buddies are really developing; Year 5 were so supportive and encouraging towards us again today.   Today's theme was around Space, to tie in with our topic in EYFS.  We were training to be Astronauts, carrying buckets of water and following an Astronaut's texture walk...Then we made constellations - both on paper and with cocktail sticks and marshmallows, yummy!   We also had great fun with the parachute - keeping Mrs Andrews' aliens, Zig and Zog, on the parachute.  Have a look at the photos of our fun morning!  

Things are getting 'Funkier' and 'Funkier' on our Funky Fridays - have a look at the photos below to see some of the crazy things we have been up to; learning whilst having fun!  Our 'Love on the Rocks' are really taking off - please remember to send your rocks, pebbles, stones in.  We are using acrylic paints, which is a new medium for the children to get used to.  Please note, the googly eyes won't stay on for long if you leave them outside.

Enjoy the photos.

Funky Fridays

Funky Fridays 1 Space writing with our 'radars'.
Funky Fridays 2 Writing upside down, like astronauts!
Funky Fridays 3
Funky Fridays 4 Making moons with another strange mixture!
Funky Fridays 5 Numicon & aqua beads - which fit to make 10?
Funky Fridays 6 Alien and Space themed rocks...
Funky Fridays 7 Making craters.
Funky Fridays 8 Moon Sand.
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Dear Parents,

To compliment our mini unit on all to do with Space and Aliens, we are getting creative with our Space Rocks!  These can then be taken home and hidden around your community to join in with the National craze of 'Love on the Rocks!'  If you would like your child to join in, please send in some suitably sized pebbles or rocks and we will do the rest!  They may not want to part with them, but simply add to their treasure collection!


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Welcome to the Foundation Stage



Today Year 5 visited us again for the morning.

This time is was the theme of Easter.  We had to find eggs with letters in, from the slimy pond, read them to our Year 5 helpers and then see how many words we could make.

It was "very gloopy", "revolting" and "fantastic!"

We also made rabbit finger puppets, Easter cards and did some Easter maths activities with Easter confetti and dice!

Our Year 5 buddies heard us read again and they were "very impressed" with our progress, since the last time they visited, at Christmas.  Year 5 gave very intuitive comments in their reflections about the morning...


We had so much fun together - staff and children, that we hope to do it again once more, before the children in EYFS get to spend the morning up at Chackmore.

Thank you Year 5 for making it fun and looking after us!


Today we had a fabulous morning with Year 5.  Mrs Dandy bussed the children down in the minibus and Mrs Andrews had organised a carousel of Festive activities for us to do with our Year 5 partners. 

We made reindeer food, snowflakes for the windows, paper chains for decorating the classroom and Christmas shakers to accompany our singing. 

Year 5 particularly liked being the 'teachers' and listening to us read, AND secretly we think they enjoyed playing on our little playground!


The morning was such a success we intend to repeat it around Easter time and again in the Summer, when EYFS will visit Year 5 at their site.




Year 5 morning

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Year 5 morning  2
Year 5 morning  3
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Year 5 morning  7