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Didn't we have a lovely time, the day the Teddy Bears had their picnic...


Today we went to Stowe for our end of year trip.  We went on a nature walk and collected items to create leaf crowns.  We were given a beautiful paper fan to decorate and a teddy mask to colour.

The children (and teddies) were inpeccably well behaved and we were fortunate to have glorious weather.

Enjoy the photos.


Multi-cultural Week. 

Dear Parents,

Today the children listened to the story, 'Possum Magic' by Mem Fox - which is a story very popular with children in Australia.  It features different foods from the country, including Vegemite.  So, the children were offered a chance to try Vegemite, on a cracker.  Almost everyone tried the snack and most participants liked it - very much.  In fact, we had a discussion and most of them preferred it to Marmite; so you may well be receiving requests for you to purchase some, sorry!  smiley



Owl pellets - chocolate truffles.

Owl pellets - chocolate truffles.  1
Owl pellets - chocolate truffles.  2
Owl pellets - chocolate truffles.  3
Owl pellets - chocolate truffles.  4
Owl pellets - chocolate truffles.  5
Owl pellets - chocolate truffles.  6
Owl pellets - chocolate truffles.  7

Dear Parents,

To complete our mini-topic on Animal Babies and Life Cycles, we have been finding out about owls.  Today we made some chocolate 'owl pellets'!  It was a very messy affair and some of us enjoyed the experience more than others - it was a very sticky mixture!  These will come home tomorrow and will definitely taste better than they look!  Enjoy the photos.  

Welcome to the Foundation Stage


We will do our best to keep the webpage updated . The Curriculum Statement will give you an overview of the Spring Term.

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The Easter Bunny has been!

The children in EYFS were so excited today as the Easter Bunny came and they had to each find an egg!  

Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful Easter break, from all the team in EYFS.


World Book Day has been a huge success!  Well done on all the fabulous costumes.  Please enjoy the photos.


We enjoyed many activities around the book 'Why Elephant has a Trunk' - ordering the story, adding captions to pictures and making trumpety elephants!


The children particularly enjoyed a couple of favourite books which Mrs Andrews brought in, see pictures below in case you wish to source them!


World Book Day photos.

World Book Day photos.  1
World Book Day photos.  2
World Book Day photos.  3
World Book Day photos.  4
World Book Day photos.  5
World Book Day photos.  6
World Book Day photos.  7
World Book Day photos.  8
World Book Day photos.  9
World Book Day photos.  10
World Book Day photos.  11
World Book Day photos.  12
World Book Day photos.  13
World Book Day photos.  14
World Book Day photos.  15
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World Book Day photos.  17
World Book Day photos.  18
World Book Day photos.  19
World Book Day photos.  20
World Book Day photos.  21
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Week Beginning 27/2/17:

This week, the children in EYFS will be continuing our theme on Families and exploring members of their family and those of their peers. They will be encouraged to notice similarities and differences within families.

On Tuesday we will be learning about 'Shrove Tuesday' an important day in the Christian calendar. We will learn about why Christians celebrate this special day as well as exploring how to make pancakes and enjoying one at snack time with fruit we have carefully chopped and sliced. 

In our phonics sessions this week we will be practising the consonant digraphs already learnt and introducing the vowel digraph 'ee'.  Please encourage your child to be a detective in books looking for our 'ee' sound as well as coming up with any new words at home containing our sound - whether at the beginning, middle or end of the word.  Perhaps they can teach you the actions too! 

Our Mathematics this week is related to recognising numbers to 10 or 20 and ordering them, they will be encouraged to compare numbers using the language of more and less.

On Thursday we will be celebrating World Book Day, this will be a day of fun filled cross-curricular activities related to a story from another culture. We look forward to seeing the children dressed as characters from books and sharing some of our favourite stories together.



Week beginning 20/02/17:

We are starting a new topic this week on 'Families'. We will be learning about babies, one of our friends will be having a new baby brother or sister very soon so he and his mummy will be coming in to tell us all about how they are getting ready for their new arrival. We will be looking at what babies do and how this changes as they grow. Our Role play area will be a baby clinic to reflect our learning.

Our Phonics sessions will be reinforcing the digraphs 'sh' 'ch' 'th' and 'ng'  Please encourage the children to come up with further words which contain these sounds - whether at the beginning, middle or end of the word.  Can they find any in their reading books.? Perhaps they can teach you the actions too! 

In Mathematics the children will be exposed to and using language related to position. We will be doing lots of practical work on prepositions and support our learning further in the courtyard doing obstacle courses and within our gymnastic sessions with the apparatus.