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Welcome to the Foundation Stage


A very warm welcome to our new Foundation Stage pupils and parents. We have an exciting year ahead

learning new skills and concepts through play. The children in Foundation Stage have settled in to school so quickly- we are delighted smiley

We would like to invite you to a 'Meet and Greet' on Thursday 27th October at 2.30pm.

Autumn Treasures

Autumn Treasures  1 I made acorn people at home!
Autumn Treasures  2
Autumn Treasures  3
Autumn Treasures  4
Autumn Treasures  5 My Stick Man had a cross face, like this!
Autumn Treasures  6

Harvest Treasures: 

We collected a bag of Autumn Treasures with our families.  We then brought them into school and spent time discussing our favourite items with our thinking partners.  We described how the items felt, their colours, where we found them and what they reminded us of.

We then used some of the items to make hibernation dens for little creatures.  This evolved to some of us also making Stick Men with the twigs we had found. 

Mrs Andrews was very impressed with our descriptive language.  We then put our favourite items in a tray to continue exploring next week.


Curriculum Statements