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11+ Dates (Transfer Tests) 2016/17

As you are aware the 11+ (Transfer Tests, to give them their, new, official title) take place early in the Autumn term.

I thought I'd list the dates below, as it gives you the chance to get an early night before the test  Never under-estimate the importance of a good night's sleep when taking an exam!

The good news is that the tests are out of the way nice and early, and we can get on with enjoying Year 6, working hard and making good progress.

Tuesday 13th September 2016 - Familiarisation Tests
(Two preparation tests lasting 25-30 minutes each, containing questions that mirror the exam. These papers will not be marked, but are designed to help them prepare for exam)

Thursday 15th September 2016 - 11+ Transfer Tests
(Two multiple choice tests, 45-50 minutes each which is split up into smaller timed sections. Each paper will test Verbal, Numerical and Non-verbal Reasoning)

Hope this helps, good luck!